Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Getting Out of Town

It had started to feel a little bit like we were spinning our wheels, but last Saturday we got some traction, and that newfound friction shot us a handful of hours east to Knoxville, TN.  We knew that we were playing a house show, and we were stoked on that, but we still didn't really know what to expect.  House shows are always fun, but no two houses are the same.  We were also self conscious about fitting in, not being "punk enough" or dumb things like that.  All our anxieties were assuaged as soon as we got to the Birdhouse.
  It's an old southern style house with a wraparound porch used for not only shows, but all types of local art.  Dug from The Fidget Sinners was super welcoming and helpful.  The lineup for the night ended up being incredible diverse, with us sandwiched comfortably in the middle.  With the added comfort/pressure of a couple extended family members driving into the city to see the show, we did our best to go hard and give our highest energy performance yet.  Despite us worrying about potential audio issues with the unorthodox stage setup, our energy seemed to pay off, with many of our new friends moshing and dancing along with us.  Not only were the audience members and other bands generous with their energy during out set, but we also almost sold completely out of shirts and CD's!  So hopefully people people around Knoxville are going to have to get used to hearing 'Come Around' or 'Unincorporated Ducktown' blasting out of people's cars....   


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